What does not migrate from FRx to Management Reporter

When you use the Migration Wizard in Microsoft Management Reporter to migrate all your FRx data not all information is migrated. The following list of features is not part of the migration process.  Many of these features exist in Management Reporter, they’re just not part of the migration tool:

Catalog of reports:
1. Report Chains
2. Passwords
3. Web publishing settings
4. Page breaks between units
5. Allow column text overflow
6. Effective dates
7. Subtotal and filter account detail
8. Email
9. Currency translation rates

1. Account sets
2. Account types
3. Currency format codes
4. Row linking
5. XBRL link

1. XBRL column

1. Page breaks
2. Security

For more tips and tricks on using the migration wizard from FRx to Management Reporter you can view the KB article ID 2425087


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