Specify connection error in Management Reporter 2012 FRx Migration wizard

Just today, I did a test installation of Management Reporter 2012 and migrated my client’s FRx reports using the migration wizard.  There are quite a few useful posts out there but I ran into an issue that hasn’t been documented very well.  Before running the migration wizard, be sure to prepare your data using the following support post:


While going through the migration wizard I came to the following screen, the instructional document (MRforDynERPMigrationfromFrxGuide_ENUS.pdf) said to enter the server name as a URL with the port number then choose “Test Connection” which caused my computer to hang for 10 minutes.

Here are the steps to take to get through this “Specify Connection” step in the Migration Wizard:

1. Enter the server name in the server name box such as server1, do not enter the server name in this format http://server1:4712

2. Do not choose the test connection button, otherwise you’ll get the message as seen below “Connection attempt failed.  Ensure server, login credentials, and database are correct”.  Also, be sure to be logged in as the same user that you used to install Management Reporter as that’s the dbo of the MR database.

3. On the database button just choose the drop-down and you’ll see all the databases for the server.

4. Then just choose the Management Reporter database and choose next.  If you don’t see the databases in the drop-down then check to see you have permissions within SQL to the server.


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3 Responses to Specify connection error in Management Reporter 2012 FRx Migration wizard

  1. Rhona-lea says:

    Thank you I got this same issue today with the migration wizard hanging and now it works.

  2. Leslie says:

    I am not able to get past this error. I have a question, we have multiple instances of SQL running on this server. The login has admin access to SQL and is the owner of the Management Reporter database. I have tried both the following server names and neither works: http:\\:4712 and http:\\\ and get the same error. I did not see in the documentation that you could not use our setup, but wondering if that is my issue? If so, how do I get around it?

  3. Steve says:

    Try these things, sorry for the slow response:
    1. Be sure the management reporter service is running. If not you might have to update the database due to the application of a service pack in the configuration console.
    2. Restart the service if it is running.
    3. On the window you mentioned the syntax should be: http://servername:4712. This is presuming whoever installed MR used the default port of 4712.

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