MSXML error after installing FRx 6.7 sp9 on Windows 7

After installing FRx 6.7 with service pack 9 on a windows 7 machine (x86) the user gets the following error when launching the drill-down viewer file “A newer version of msxml.dll is required”

FRx 6.7 service pack 11 is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 versions, but only with the 32-bit versions.  FRx 6.7 is not compatible on x64, here’s a link from Microsoft

However, if you must run FRx 6.7 sp9 on windows 7, here are the steps we took to get it running:

Before the FRx install, the following MSXML installations were already loaded on the windows 7 computer:

We tried the following to resolve the error:

  1. We re-registered the FRx program dll’s by running the following (double-click to start)  “FRxReg.exe” and “FRxReg67.cmd”.
  2. The we tried to download the most recent version of MSXML 3.0 which did not resolve the issue nor update the msxml.dll file to the current proper version:
  3. I had access to a freshly installed Windows Server 2008 machine and I copied msxml.dll file from that machine onto the windows 7 machine and registered that dll which you can download here msxml
  4. To properly register the dll you can go to here:

 Once we installed the attached dll and registered it, we ran “FRxReg.exe” and “FRxReg67.cmd” from the FRx directory (C:\Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\) and the FRx drill-down viewer file worked again even though the screenshot calls for a minimum version of 8.0.6730.0 and the attached msxml.dll version is only 8.0.5226.0.

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Training snacks by Microsoft

The Dynamics GP product management and marketing team have put together an informative “What’s New” for GP 2010 in the form of short webinars called “training snacks” in the various modules such as advanced distribution, manufacturing, SQL Reporting, and Management Reporter to name a few.  These can be from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes long.

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Management Reporter – Product Road Map

Management Reporter (MR) is the replacement for FRx.  However, MR is one part within Microsoft’s future product vision in which they’re making a significant development investment called Corporate Performance Management (CPM) that includes financial reporting, consolidations, and planning/budgeting.

Here is the product roadmap for CPM and the features released over the next several years.


The roadmap for consolidations is different than FRx, (reporting) currency translation will be handled within Dynamics GP.  Dynamics GP companies will be able to add a reporting currency in which MR can report for consolidations.  The feature has to be part of an existing module so I will guess it will be part of the Multi-Currency module.  This is expected in the feature pack to be released in late 2010.

Forecaster is Microsoft’s budgeting tool but will be replaced by CPM in 2012+.  In the real world of release dates this could be 2014 so there’s quite a bit of life left in Forecaster as long as users can accept the lack of any new features or limited bug fixes.

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General Ledger Year-End Close


Remember you can post back one closed (history) year and the system will automatically fix beginning balances for balance sheet accounts and Retained Earnings for income statement accounts.  This provides the ability to post adjusting (audit) entries after your close.

Before closing the year

  • Ensure all year-end entries are entered and posted and you’ve printed any required reports such as a trial balance or financial statements.
  • Reconcile retained earnings before you close.  You can post back one closed year so if you have any issues with retained earnings you’ll be able to identify them BEFORE you close.
  • Ensure the posting accounts are set with the correct posting type.  Using the account smartlist, export the general ledger accounts to excel and sort by the posting type, then by main account and all incorrect accounts will be listed between the balance sheet and the income statement.  The following shows two accounts improperly identified as a Balance Sheet posting type which will cause your retained earnings to be incorrect after the year-end close.
  • If you are running the Multi-Currency Module, be sure to very that your retained earnings account has access to all currencies (go to cards>>financial>>account, choose retained earnings then choose “Currencies”).  Note: this is only if you record transactions in one company other than your functional currency.

  • Backup your data – most company’s data is backed up at night so the best method is to do your year-end close first thing in the morning.  If it fails, you can restore from the night before.  However, sometimes backups can fail so verify the backup is successful before starting the year-end process.

Year-end Processing

  • Start the year-end close by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP>>tools>>routines>>financial>> Year-end closing window.  When you click on “Close Year” the system will respond with the following window if you have any unposted transactions, regardless of date.

  • The next window will ask if you want to print, I always chose a file for future printing if necessary.

Post Year-end processing

  • Reconcile retained earnings after the close, below shows how to take the prior year retained earnings plus net income to get your beginning retained earnings for the current (new) year.


  • The other optional step is to perform file maintenance but most clients wait until an upgrade.


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Management Reporter features v2

If you use FRx with any of the Microsoft ERP systems (GP, AX, SL, NAV) you’ll have a chance to upgrade from FRx 6.7 to Management Reporter (MR).  However, the only data provider that’s been released is Dynamics GP and you must be on Dynamics GP 2010.  You’ll be able to convert all your reports with the migration wizard (rows, columns, trees, catalogs).  You can keep FRx running alongside MR through GP 2010.

Here are some highlights on the initial release (2.0.1662.37)

  • Undo and redo feature


  • Rows, columns, and trees support any combination of segment codes called dimension members which is not possible in FRx (no more ampersands!), one example is where you want one report using a tree with various departments.


  • You do not have to close your general ledger year-end to get a balance sheet report.  At the beginning of every year in FRx you had to close the GL year-end before the first month was closed, otherwise your balance sheet was not complete.
  • You can use folder structures in Report Definitions (Catalog) and the Report Library (Drill-down viewer)


  • System architecture – written in .Net and C# as well as native 64-bit support.  This is a multi-tiered architecture with server-side processing to free workstation resources, supporting SQL2008 and Windows 7, but no benchmarks yet.
  • Security is now roles-based and built on Active Directory


  • Other release information
    • Dynamics GP feature pack due in the fall 2010
    • AX 2009 and 6 should be released in the fall 2010
    • SL8 after AX
    • NAV after SL
  • The initial release does not support the following features – when not to migrate from FRx:
    • Subtotaling by segment when drilling into account detail.
    • Consolidations of multiple currencies into one translated reporting currency.
    •  Direct link or express link from Forecaster 7.0.
    •  Analytical Accounting which will be a data provider and be additional dimensions.
    • Row linking and effective dates
    • Report delivery such as web port
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