MSXML error after installing FRx 6.7 sp9 on Windows 7

After installing FRx 6.7 with service pack 9 on a windows 7 machine (x86) the user gets the following error when launching the drill-down viewer file “A newer version of msxml.dll is required”

FRx 6.7 service pack 11 is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 versions, but only with the 32-bit versions.  FRx 6.7 is not compatible on x64, here’s a link from Microsoft

However, if you must run FRx 6.7 sp9 on windows 7, here are the steps we took to get it running:

Before the FRx install, the following MSXML installations were already loaded on the windows 7 computer:

We tried the following to resolve the error:

  1. We re-registered the FRx program dll’s by running the following (double-click to start)  “FRxReg.exe” and “FRxReg67.cmd”.
  2. The we tried to download the most recent version of MSXML 3.0 which did not resolve the issue nor update the msxml.dll file to the current proper version:
  3. I had access to a freshly installed Windows Server 2008 machine and I copied msxml.dll file from that machine onto the windows 7 machine and registered that dll which you can download here msxml
  4. To properly register the dll you can go to here:

 Once we installed the attached dll and registered it, we ran “FRxReg.exe” and “FRxReg67.cmd” from the FRx directory (C:\Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\) and the FRx drill-down viewer file worked again even though the screenshot calls for a minimum version of 8.0.6730.0 and the attached msxml.dll version is only 8.0.5226.0.

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One Response to MSXML error after installing FRx 6.7 sp9 on Windows 7

  1. nabil says:

    I so thank you for these procedures. I had a customer with FRx 6.7.8 sp 11 and was getting all these errors. I worked for over 8 hours uninstalling and reinstalling with no results. the msxml.dll would not register on windows 7 64. I finally ran the frxreg.exe and the frxreg64.exe and I think that did it.

    Thank God for the internet and for users who post their issues and the resolutions.

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