Management Reporter features v2

If you use FRx with any of the Microsoft ERP systems (GP, AX, SL, NAV) you’ll have a chance to upgrade from FRx 6.7 to Management Reporter (MR).  However, the only data provider that’s been released is Dynamics GP and you must be on Dynamics GP 2010.  You’ll be able to convert all your reports with the migration wizard (rows, columns, trees, catalogs).  You can keep FRx running alongside MR through GP 2010.

Here are some highlights on the initial release (2.0.1662.37)

  • Undo and redo feature


  • Rows, columns, and trees support any combination of segment codes called dimension members which is not possible in FRx (no more ampersands!), one example is where you want one report using a tree with various departments.


  • You do not have to close your general ledger year-end to get a balance sheet report.  At the beginning of every year in FRx you had to close the GL year-end before the first month was closed, otherwise your balance sheet was not complete.
  • You can use folder structures in Report Definitions (Catalog) and the Report Library (Drill-down viewer)


  • System architecture – written in .Net and C# as well as native 64-bit support.  This is a multi-tiered architecture with server-side processing to free workstation resources, supporting SQL2008 and Windows 7, but no benchmarks yet.
  • Security is now roles-based and built on Active Directory


  • Other release information
    • Dynamics GP feature pack due in the fall 2010
    • AX 2009 and 6 should be released in the fall 2010
    • SL8 after AX
    • NAV after SL
  • The initial release does not support the following features – when not to migrate from FRx:
    • Subtotaling by segment when drilling into account detail.
    • Consolidations of multiple currencies into one translated reporting currency.
    •  Direct link or express link from Forecaster 7.0.
    •  Analytical Accounting which will be a data provider and be additional dimensions.
    • Row linking and effective dates
    • Report delivery such as web port
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2 Responses to Management Reporter features v2

  1. Dave Cole says:

    My company is upgrading to GP 2013 and Management Reporter. Does GP 2013 still have the capability of Express Link between GP and Forecaster to download actual data?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Dave,

    Unfortunately not, express link relied on FRx as the tool to transfer data between Dynamics GP and FRx only. Management Reporter (MR) does not have such a tool. I recommend using MR to extract data by account and period to excel then back into Forecaster, try reviewing this link. Derek and others do a good job explaining it in the comments on this linkin group article.


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