Export Payables Detail Historical Trial Balance to excel from reporting services

Microsoft provides an accounts payable detail historical aging report in SQL report services that I have modified to easily export to excel, here’s what the output looks like:


This report originates from the standard report Dynamics GP provides when you create them from the Reporting tools setup window and uses the same stored procedure.  Also, I have defaulted and hidden the majority of the parameters that are never used.  The original report has 22 parameters!

To use this report you are required to have SQL reporting services (SSRS) installed and configured which creates a website that users can access and run GP reports from.  SSRS is a component of Microsoft SQL, and Business Intelligence Development Studio (part of Visual Studio) is used to develop, design, and publish reports.  After you download the RDL file below you will have to create a Development Studio Project or add it to an existing one, modify the datasource, then publish to your SSRS website.  Currently, the datasource is pointing to the default instance of SSRS and the TWO database which can be modified to your environment.  This report came from SQL 2008 and GP 2013.  I have published this report for a few clients who are on GP 2010 as well.

Download report


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Steve@Reese-Consulting.com

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