eConnect error when adding a new Dynamics GP company

During the creation of companies in Dynamics GP version 10 I came across the following error:

The following SQL statement produced an error:
set nocount on declare @NAME varchar(100) declare @TEXT varchar(8000) declare
taCreateRequesterProcs insensitive cursor for select DOCTYPE from
eConnect_Out_Setup (nolock) where MAIN = 1 and DOCTYPE not like ’%GetList’
open taCreateRequesterProcs fetch next from taCreateRequesterProcs into @NAME
while (@@fetch_status <> -1) begin if (@@fetch_status <> -2) begin select
@TEXT = ’exec eConnectOutCreate ‘+ @NAME + ‘, 0’ exec (@TEXT) select @TEXT =
‘exec eConnectOutCreate ’+ @NAME + ’, 1’ exec (@TEXT) select @TEXT = ’exec
eConnectOutCreate ’+ @NAME + ’, 2’ exec (@TEXT) end fetch next from
taCreateRequesterProcs into @NAME end deallocate taCreateRequesterProcs

The client is running eConnect for integrations and I found the following script that resolved the eConnect_Out_Setup table.  The script is part of the GP2010 upgrade.pdf document.  Before running the script I could not create a company but afterwards I was successful.  Due to ongoing Salesforce integrations, I tested this out in our sandbox (test) environment.


/*This script will update the eConnect_Out_Setup table in each company database and set the DATACNT value to 72 for the DOCTYPE of ModifiedItem. The DATACNT contains an invalid value of 73 for the DOCTYPE of ModifiedItem*/

/*Script Revised: 4/21/2010*/

declare @dbname char(5), @statement char(1500)
declare eConnect_Out_Setup_Fix cursor for
select INTERID from DYNAMICS..SY01500 where INTERID in (select name from master..sysdatabases)
set nocount on
open eConnect_Out_Setup_Fix
fetch next from eConnect_Out_Setup_Fix into @dbname
while (@@fetch_status <> -1) begin
set @statement=’
if exists (select * from ‘ + rtrim(@dbname) + ‘.dbo.sysobjects where id = object_id(”dbo.eConnect_Out_Setup”) and OBJECTPROPERTY(id,”IsUserTable”) = 1)
update ‘ + rtrim(@dbname) + ‘.dbo.eConnect_Out_Setup set DATACNT = 72 where DOCTYPE = ”ModifiedItem”
print ”The eConnect_Out_Setup table has been updated for ‘+ rtrim(@dbname) + ””
exec (@statement)
fetch next from eConnect_Out_Setup_Fix into @dbname
deallocate eConnect_Out_Setup_Fix
set nocount off

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