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FRx launcher run-time error 9 subscript out of range

Of all the issues that can come up from this error message, I have not found this one anywhere.  It’s a combination of running the FRx launcher (not designer) and a report with rounding.  The top is the error message … Continue reading

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Consolidations (of multiple currencies) in FRx

The basic problem is how do I create a single set of financial reports in US dollars when I do business in multiple countries and currencies which is basically called “Consolidations”. There are quite a few alternatives to consolidations in … Continue reading

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YTD amounts and statistics in one column in FRx using Dynamics GP

Problem: In one column in FRx how can I have YTD amounts and statistics where the statistics need be based on “net change”? By nature, YTD columns include any accounts with beginning balances including statistical accounts so how can I … Continue reading

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MSXML error after installing FRx 6.7 sp9 on Windows 7

After installing FRx 6.7 with service pack 9 on a windows 7 machine (x86) the user gets the following error when launching the drill-down viewer file “A newer version of msxml.dll is required” FRx 6.7 service pack 11 is compatible … Continue reading

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