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Specify connection error in Management Reporter 2012 FRx Migration wizard

Just today, I did a test installation of Management Reporter 2012 and migrated my client’s FRx reports using the migration wizard.  There are quite a few useful posts out there but I ran into an issue that hasn’t been documented … Continue reading

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eConnect error when adding a new Dynamics GP company

During the creation of companies in Dynamics GP version 10 I came across the following error: The following SQL statement produced an error: set nocount on declare @NAME varchar(100) declare @TEXT varchar(8000) declare taCreateRequesterProcs insensitive cursor for select DOCTYPE from … Continue reading

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New features – Dynamics GP 2012

Here are some of the new features slated for Dynamics GP 2012 which is scheduled to be released in 2012. 1. Select a printer after viewing a report onscreen. 2. Print SSRS reports from a GP window (GP report writer’s … Continue reading

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Interview with Ryan Zweng

Ryan Zweng from interviewed me about Dynamics GP and its usage. Here’s the interview: Microsoft Dynamics GP Overview with Steve Reese In order to expand our coverage of available accounting software options, ASD sought out Steve Reese, an expert … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s change in Corporate Performance Management Roadmap

Microsoft has changed their Product Road Map for Corporate Performance Management which includes Management Reporter -a Financial Reporting tool (FRx replacement) and Forecaster – a financial budgeting tool. At Microsoft’s recent conference (Convergence), the Corporate Performance Management products show “continued support … Continue reading

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What does not migrate from FRx to Management Reporter

When you use the Migration Wizard in Microsoft Management Reporter to migrate all your FRx data not all information is migrated. The following list of features is not part of the migration process.  Many of these features exist in Management Reporter, they’re just not part of … Continue reading

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Export the Dynamics GP Payables or Receivables Historical Aged Trial Balance to Excel

This is a modified Dynamics GP report (see download) I’ve provided to my clients for years that can be exported to a text file and imported into excel that includes the customer ID, name, and the aging columns. Through GP … Continue reading

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Consolidations (of multiple currencies) in FRx

The basic problem is how do I create a single set of financial reports in US dollars when I do business in multiple countries and currencies which is basically called “Consolidations”. There are quite a few alternatives to consolidations in … Continue reading

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YTD amounts and statistics in one column in FRx using Dynamics GP

Problem: In one column in FRx how can I have YTD amounts and statistics where the statistics need be based on “net change”? By nature, YTD columns include any accounts with beginning balances including statistical accounts so how can I … Continue reading

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Importing to Dynamics GP without integration manager or SQL

Not all Dynamics GP users own integration manager nor does integration manager support every field, another way of importing data is to use a macro. This feature could be used to insert new records or make updates and it could … Continue reading

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