Integrate Coupa expense to Dynamics GP

In 2017 a client purchased the expense module for I was responsible for integrating the approved expense reports from Coupa into the GP accounts payable module. The client used the ETL tool from the hosted version of

Power Pivot

In 2017 I converted a large (and slow) revenue recognition excel spreadsheet (>20mb) used each month-end close to a refreshable excel power pivot report. This removed excel functions that were slowing down the spreadsheet from 5-7 minutes to 3-5 seconds and significantly reducing the size of the spreadsheet (<2mb).  Power Pivot is part of excel 2010 and above.  Click here to learn how to add it

HostAnalytics implementation and integration to Dynamics GP

In 2016 a client purchased to help them with budgeting and financial reporting. I was on the team to implement the product but my main responsibility was to integrate actual general ledger balances from Great Plains into HostAnalytics and assist in financial report creation and maintenance from reports in FRx. To load general ledger actual balances on a scheduled basis they used which I was already familiar with from previous integration projects.

Coupa implementation and integration to Dynamics GP

In 2015 I was part of a implementation team that lasted about 3-4 months. My client used Coupa consulting services for the coupa implementation and for the integration services. My responsibilities included reviewing business configuration requirements, buildout of the Coupa and GP sandbox environment along with user acceptance testing starting from a Coupa requisition and approval, integration touch points through the system such as accounts, vendors, invoices and payments. This was a successful and rewarding project.

Major Dynamics GP upgrade

In 2015 we upgraded several clients from older version of Great Plains to GP 2013. This included Mekorma, Forms Printer, and reporting services. As usual we created a test environment for our build-out and user acceptance training before going live in the production environment. This included upgrading their Management Reporter to the latest service pack and implementing the datamart connector.

Implemented VertexSMB for sales tax in Dynamics GP

In 2014, due to the changing sales and use tax laws my client was required to charge some of its customers sales tax.  Based on the recommendation of their auditor they chose software.  The software was implemented in a very short period of time with minor issues that were resolved immediately.  For my client VertexSMB provides an integration to apply sales tax in Dynamics GP during data entry or integration then after posting send all sales tax data to Vertex’s website for eventual state/jurisdictions reporting and tax returns.  The biggest challenge was related to 80% of the GP transactions integrated from Salesforce and VertexSMB handled this very well.  The biggest problem was cleaning up the customer addresses in Dynamics GP to ensure that the Vertex product could do its job and apply sales tax.

Converted FRx 6.7 reporting to Management Reporter 2012

In 2013, we converted a public company from FRx 6.7 to Management Reporter 2012 which included all their existing financial reports for internal and external use.  We used a test environment to convert all their report templates along with a reconciliation of reports and amounts by the financial reporting team without any major problems.  Our next challenge was testing the various security roles of the financial reporting users to ensure we met all SOX requirements, once that was complete, we were able to convert their production environment.

Coupa integration to Dynamics GP

In 2013, I helped integrate various components between Dynamics GP and system using as the integration and scheduling tool.  This eliminated the need of the Dynamics GP PO module and it provided visibility company-wide into requisition/PO/receiving/approval activities directly to the users who are involved and need access to these functions. This project became more sophisticated with multicurrency and three companies in GP whereas Coupa had one login for all three companies.  Here’s a recap of the integration components:

1. As Dynamics GP vendors are entered/updated they are mapped to Coupa suppliers.

2. As Dynamics GP GL accounts are entered/updated they are mapped to Coupa GL accounts.

3. As Coupa invoices are approved after 3-way matching is complete they integrated to Dynamics GP accounts payable as unposted transactions.

4. When GP invoices are paid in accounts payable (that originated from Coupa), the vouchers are integrated back to Coupa and marked as paid referencing the check number and date.

Multicurrency implementation for Dynamics GP

In early 2012, a client expanded into multiple countries so I helped them implement the multicurrency module.  This included adding five currencies into the parent company and providing two new subsidiaries with functional currencies in GBP (Great British Pounds) and SGD (Singapore Dollars).  Consolidations are done through an additional USD based reporting company with journal entries bringing in period balances each month using integration manager.  This provided us to keep all FRx consolidation reporting in USD.

Salesforce integration to Dynamics GP

In early 2010, I was on a project integration team between Dynamics GP and  Most of the SF/GP integrations I’ve seen used some middleware called Scribe Software.  However, this company chose to use a hosted/cloud integration solution called that uses XML which supports Microsoft eConnect objects as well as some other needed integration points.  There were two parts to the project:

  1. Data going from Salesforce to Dynamics GP
    • Customers and addresses
    • Approved billings for invoices into the sales order processing (SOP) module
  2. Data going from Dynamics GP to Salesforce (after the month-end close)
    • Invoices
    • Payments, debit memos, credit memos

On the team was an integration consultant from Boomi who was well versed in the product to provide very sophisticated yet simple solutions to a complex environment.  The client had a salesforce specialist to gather requirements and lead the project as well as an engineering group to provide custom SQL development.  I provided Dynamics GP table and transaction flow knowledge to the team, as well as a liason to the finance/accounting group to ensure all their accounting integration requirements were met.

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